Webpage Performance – From 7 Seconds To Less Than 2

It’s not a second 7 seconds away Just as long as I stay I’ll be waiting One week ago I noticed that my site was missing a landing page so I started building one. The next day I had a pretty nice page, responsive, animated and with all the bells and whistles required in 2014….

Validation of viewstate MAC failed

Continuing the Roundabout saga… My app is hosted on a shared server, so today I got a nice message when testing the login page: “Validation of viewstate MAC failed” This exception appears because Controls using DataKeyNames require Viewstate to be encrypted. The solutions provided here did not worked or were too complicated. In the end…

Enable gzip compression with web.config

  • Posted on 8th May 2014,
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HTTP compression can reduce the amount of time it takes to download the resources needed to render your web site. You can directly enable gzip compression for your asp.net website by adding the following lines in web.config’s system.webServer section: This configuration will enable gzip compression on static and on dynamic content. I have tried it…

JS Bookmarks

Microjs: Fantastic Micro-Frameworks and Micro-Libraries for Fun and Profit! http://microjs.com/

JavaScript VNC Client

JavaScript VNC Client

Build a VNC client in 100% JavaScript that will run in the browser and be able to connect to any remote host. http://engineering.linkedin.com/javascript/vncjs-how-build-javascript-vnc-client-24-hour-hackday